About Us

Our story:
How Legendary® began.

“Did you bring back a souvenir?” She asked.

We brought them to Central Market to buy batik, we took them to KLCC to buy Royal Selangor pewter and to Petaling Street to do some pasar malam style shopping. Is there anything more? They asked. Every year, we would be asked this question hundreds of times as we would have friends visiting Malaysia and would reach out to us for travel and local advice about what’s good and where to go within Malaysia. At that time, we worked as perfume resellers for other big fragrance brands and taking our friends around was a bit like our pastime hobby. As time went on, we started to get calls from friends and family of friends who would also now reach out to us for the same local travel advice. Soon, helping our friends became nearly like a full time job for us as we had to juggle between our day job while making sure that we did our best to keep our tourist friends happy in hopes that they would come back and visit Malaysia again. After all, we were brought up that way and we wanted to keep that as a strong part of our family culture and upbringing and soon, Legendary® Perfume was born and Legendary® Orchid was unearthed after.


A fragrance perfected over years of friendship and identity search.

Fast forward that by 7 years, we’ve met so many incredible people, travelled to so many countries, experiencing countless different cultures. Especially in such economic times, we reflect upon all of the good and amazing people who have supported us as a brand since day one grateful to have been able to do what we love in creating fragrances while also playing host to our international friends who visit Malaysia.


Legendary® is bringing back that special feeling from our all our experiences.

Today, we’re excited to share something which we’ve spent years perfecting; taking on the memories and experiences from the different countries and cultures to give you a taste of confidence, hope and love through our new fragrance collection through the Legendary Spirit. Taking some of the most exotic essential oils originating from the natural hills of Eastern Europe and combining it with a sense of calmness and elegance from the combination of amber, musk and oak, Legendary Spirit is gifted in 3 classy yet travel friendly bottles to give you that glittery sense of confidence, flexibility and assurance for every occasion.